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Phantoms Flood Field Phantom

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Von Gahlen has developed a Flood Phantom to perform uniformity studies in your desired energy range.

The Phantom provides a number of advantages
•    The Phantom comes complete with a cart.
•    The Phantom can be easily rotated for homogeneous mixing.
•    Any air bubbles are collected in a trap outside the field of view.
•    The Phantom can be positioned above or below the gamma camera.

System specifications:
•    The acrylate Phantom is suitable for large field of view cameras (600 mm x 450 mm x 41 mm).
•    Thickness of the Phantom is 81 mm. 25 mm sidewall thickness. According to DIN 6855.
•    Compatible with all types of radionuclides (Tc-99m or T1-201).
•    Two types of carts are available: adjustable and non adjustable height.

Please contact the Von Gahlen sales team to order the right phantom for your purpose!

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