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Hot Cell Systems Monitoring systems

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Whether you are using a single hot cell or a complete hot cell setup, both can be equipped with monitoring systems provided by Von Gahlen.

Radiation Detectors can be integrated in the hot cell compartments, combined with room monitoring and be connected with the electronic interlocking system on the cell’s door. One or more read out units can be placed on the wall or integrated in the hot cell cover panels. These read out units can be outfitted with extra audio and visual leveling alarms. Data logging of the radiation detectors is possible with software installed on a laptop or PC.  

All of our class A and B hot cells come standard equipped with a connection for a mobile particle counter. The particle counter device and accessories can be delivered by Von Gahlen. We also provide built in solutions with data logging software.

Von Gahlen has vast experience with the application of monitoring systems in either simple or highly complex hot cell set ups. When purchased from Von Gahlen, this system results in a reliable integration. Please contact the Von Gahlen Sales Team for more information on how these systems can addvalue to your hot cell setup!

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