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Synthesis Hot Cells SB2S

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The Stacked Synthesis Box Model SB2S is designed to house most commercially available synthesis units meeting current GMP guidelines. The SB2S provides two separately shielded compartments with a total shielding of 75mm lead on all sides. An internal stainless steel liner with rounded corners for easy cleaning and a sliding tray for easy access to the module means a user friendly synthesis box. The air is Hepa filtered and an acrylic door with special seals maintains airtight integrity. The synthesis box is equipped standard with a target line shielding (from floor level), power connections and with gas connections.

Several options like lead glass windows, charcoal filters on exhaust, different gas taps and laptop support are available for the SB2S.

We also provide several general hot cell options to customize your SB2S see: Hot Cell options.

Please download the datasheet and contact the Von Gahlen sales team for more information!

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