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Synthesis Hot Cells DCE-USP

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The Double Chemical Enclosure is a perfect combination of value and functionality. Designed for radioisotope manufacturing, the DCE is a double stacked chamber that can hold most of the markets synthesis models.  The DCE has 75mm of lead shielding on all sides and between the top and lower chambers.  It has multiple penetrations into both chambers for data cables, utility lines and cyclotron target lines. The electrical control box is mounted on the lower front side of the cell. The DCE can also be added to existing cell banks for expanding multiple radioisotope capabilities.

The DCE can be upgraded to the DCE-USP. In comparison to the standard DCE, the USP edition has more airtight chambers, dedicated HEPA filter inlet air per compartment and individual chamber exhaust.

Several options like lead glass windows, gas connections, internal back shields and analog pressure gauges are available to customize your synthesis box.

Please download the datasheet and contact the Von Gahlen Sales Team for more information!

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