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Research Hot Cells UHC - 3P

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The UHC-3P can be configured to meet any laboratory layout with various hot cell connections. The UHC-3P is precisely engineered and constructed for continuous dependable protection and reliable everyday laboratory use. The design of the UHC-3P makes it prepared for the use of various master slave manipulators.

This cell comes standard with shielding for the ionization chamber and basic gas connections. The vertical motor driven lead door provides a big net door opening. The main compartment is shielded with 75mm lead on all sides. The internal box is made of stainless steel plates.

Several options like different gas taps, laptop support and ion chamber lift are available for the UHC-3P. General hot cell options for the UHC-3P are available on this side (link naar Hot Cell options gedeelte)

Please download the datasheet and contact the Von Gahlen sales team for more information and the available options to customize your universal hot cell!  

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