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Hot Cell Systems

Not clear what you are trying to say here. An added value to your existing operations or a completely new laboratory? The Von Gahlen Hot cell systems can be an added value to your hot cell or complete hot cell setup.


The Active Gas Compression System (AGC) can be added to your hot cell configuration. It is designed to store exhaust air in buffer tanks for the decay process. The exhaust air can be collected from one or more hot cells.


The Activity Distribution System (Model ADS) is capable of supplying radioactive doses and liquids safely and reliably from the cyclotron to all points of use. The switching valves have the ability of directing the radionuclides to waste.


Von Gahlen hot cells come standard with a shielded cyclotron target line from floor level. In some hot cell installations more shielded connections may be necessary to perform all daily operations and increase the functionality of the hot cells.


Whether you are using a single hot cell or a complete hot cell setup, both can be equipped with monitoring systems provided by Von Gahlen. Radiation Detectors can be integrated in the hot cell compartments, combined with room monitoring and be connected with the electronic interlocking system on the cell’s door.