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Hot Cell Options

Von Gahlen hot cells can be equipped with different options:
Product Vault, Waste Vault, HPLC Cabinets, Airlock, Ion Chamber System, Ion Chamber Shielding, Ion Chamber Lift System, Various Gas Taps, Touch Screen Operation and Control, Tongs and Manipulators, Glove Testers, Custom made cover plates for optimal integration in a clean room.


The Von Gahlen Preparation Box can be added to the Dispensing Hot Cell Model DPB on the left or right side. It is designed for the preparation of consumables used during the dispensing run.


Von Gahlen provides several options for remote handling of materials in a radioactive environment. This varies from ball-tong units to complete master-slave manipulators. All systems can be equipped with airtight bootings.


The Von Gahlen HPLC cabinet can be placed under or above a single synthesis compartment. It is designed for the storage of electronic equipment. The HPLC cabinet is ventilated for class C.


The Von Gahlen waste and product vaults can be placed under a single synthesis compartment. The waste vault is designed to house a 2 liter bottle of liquid waste. The product vault is designed to retrieve the product in a vial (placed in a type A BVC container).

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Glove testers can be used to test the air tightness of the glove by being placed in the glove port opening. Von Gahlen provides automatic testers for several shapes and diameters. 


The Von Gahlen Airlock can be added to the dispensing hot cell Model DPB on the left or right side. It is designed for the transfer of consumables. The shielded airlock is airtight and ventilated for class B and the internal stainless steel liner.