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Von Gahlen proudly present the new VG-CTS, the compact technetium solution. 

The compact technetium solution will fit in many laboratories with limited floor space, because of its width of only ± 1500 mm. It is equipped with a state of the art laminar hood, providing class A air quality, a fully integrated and easy to operate electrically elevated generator safe, integrated ionization chamber and waste vault. The generator safe can harbor up to two generators. With a working height of 838 mm (sitting position) and an internal workspace width of ± 1300 mm, the layout has been designed for one operator. The moveable barrier has been placed inside the sash, thus enabling maximum reach inside the hood. The compact technetium solution has been designed to provide a sterile and safe environment for the elution of Molybdenum-Technetium generators, but also the preparation and dispensing of Technetium labelled compounds.