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About Von Gahlen

Von Gahlen is a modern state-of-the-art manufacturer of lead shielding products. Since its founding in 1973, Von Gahlen has become the industry leader in lead shielding, providing the nuclear medicine community with reliable, high quality products that meet or exceed industry standards and safety requirements. Von Gahlen radiation shielding products can be found all over the world, ranging from the smallest syringe shield to the largest turnkey hot cell installations.

Products include hot cells for positron emission tomography (PET), lead shields for environmental monitoring, shielding for isotope production facilities, transportation vials for radio-pharmaceuticals, lead collimators for gamma cameras, lead shielded furniture for the hot lab laboratories and custom designed shielding. Von Gahlen is the leading manufacturer of hot cells. Von Gahlen is also pleased to offer technical consulting to its customers.

Von Gahlen is involved from the earliest planning and design stages through the completed installation and validation, working closely with the client at all stages to make sure that every requirement is met to produce the best equipment available for the application.

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Most of the radiopharmaceuticals received in the nuclear medicine departments in Europe are packed in a lead container by Von Gahlen, which results in a production of over 500.000 containers a year.

The company has two fully equipped production facilities. One is in Zevenaar in The Netherlands, approximately one hour from Amsterdam, and the other is in Chatsworth, Georgia, approximately one hour from Atlanta, USA. In addition to the manufacturing plants a sales and support office is located in Germany. 

Our team of professionals includes highly qualified technical designers as well as experienced manufacturing and installation personnel. Our modern factories are equipped with the latest computerized equipment. Von Gahlen is an ISO 9001 Certified Company. Our quality assurance program has been audited and approved by numerous clients. 

Increasingly demanding GMP requirements necessitate further development of specialized techniques and procedures unique to the radio-pharmaceutical industry.

Von Gahlen has extensive experience in all types of manufacturing processes of lead. Manufacturing processes include casting, extrusion and injection molding.

Von Gahlen is proud to be in the forefront of advancing technology.